Thermosiphon Solar Heaters - How it Works

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Thermosiphon Water Heater System Performance

Ezinc Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters

Solar Water Heater

Available in 46-gallon and 80-gallon units. The 46-gallon unit is SRCC certified and FSEC certified. The 80-gallon unit should be certified early next year. The units feature high efficiency and require very little maintenance. Hot water is obtainable in all four seasons of the year by capturing the UV light; this means that four hours of partial sunlight per day is all the ezinc Thermosiphon solar heaters need to produce hot water. The closed-loop, passive system uses natural water circulation to heat the water and does not require a pump or control unit, making it very dependable and great for residential and commercial applications.

The ezinc closed-loop system primarily works by water circulation assisted by gravity. Hot water is less heavy than cold water, using these principles ezinc has created a sophisticated flow design directing water through the solar collector and the external heat exchanger located inside the tank. Heat is then transferred to the potable water stored in the tank making it ready for use. This circulating process continues all day long giving you endless supply of FREE hot water. Since, this system has no moving parts, very little maintenance is required.

Solar Collector from Ezinc and Premium Solar

The Ezinc Solar collector is the most advanced system in it’s industry. This state of the art design captures UV light and absorbs the heat through the heat exchangers continuing to generate heat even on cloudy and rainy days. As most other systems will experience many interruptions waiting for direct sun light to generate heat.

1. 100% EPDM rubber sealing and gaskets, UV resisted
2. Pure aluminium frame extruted by Ezinç and coated by electrostatic powder coating baked in 220°C oven
3. Direct-injected polyurethane insulation coated by aluminium foil (optional: rockwool insulation)
4. Tempered solar glass, for high transmittance
5. Copper riser tubes
6. Copper manifold tubes
7. Full plate titanium selective coated absorbersheet, ultrasonically welded