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Solar Thermosiphons - Roof or Ground Mount

On Sale Now! Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater Thermosiphon Solar Water Heater
Solar Rating and Certification    Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC)
Qualifies for 30% Tax Credit and other incentives! Renewable Energy Incentives
This solar product qualifies for a 30% Federal Tax Credit, as well as State and Local incentives for renewable energy. More info on renewable energy incentives.
This solar system uses SRCC OG-100 Certified 4x8 or 4x6.5 EZINC Thermal Collectors!
Solar Water Heater

Thermosiphon Solar Water Heaters
46 Gallons and 80 Gallons

Efficient, long lasting and stylish Solar Water Heaters

Hot water is obtainable all four seasons of the year by use of Ezinc high efficient thermosiphon solar heaters (thermosyphon).

Ezinc Thermosiphons are SRCC Certified, FSEC Certified and Energy Star Labeled.

Ezinc 80-Gallon Thermosiphon (KG-300) is an Energy Star Qualified Solar Water Heater

Detailed Cutout Drawing of Thermosiphon Solar Water Heating Tank

How it Functions: Ezinc Thermosiphon

How It Works : Ezinc Thermosiphon

Technical specifications (external PDF opens in new window, 57kb)

Engineering Drawings with 130 MPH wind resistance can be provided on-demand

Thermosiphon Fittings Assembly (Standard/US Sizes)

Open loop solar water heaters: (Direct system without heat exchanger). Developed for warm countries with no freezing risk. The sun’s heat is transferred directly to the potable water circulating  through the collector and into the storage tank.

Closed loop solar water heaters: (Indirect system with heat exchanger). There is an external heat exchanger in the tank.  Heat is transferred to the potable water through the heat exchanger in the lower portion of the storage tank. Inside the heat exchanger is a glycol formula that prevents freezing of the potable water. Click here for diagram.

VIDEO: Terry Forrest explains how the Thermosiphon works.

Premium Solar now offers Solar Access and Shade Reports to current and prospective customers.

*Permit Drawing sheets for Collectors and Thermosiphon Systems are in the Dealer Login area.


Ezinc' Solar Water Heaters consist of:

  • Ezinc solar collectors in appropriate size and type
  • Ezinc hot water storage tanks (in capacities -170 lt (46 Gallons) - 300 lt (80 Gallons)
  • Support base: powder coated, well-designed, easy to install. Aesthetic appearance both on flat roofs and tiled roofs.
  • Fittings and accessories:  All necessary parts for a complete solar water heater system

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